Today’s post will be very short. I woke up in the night feeling very ill. Why? Who knows. It wouldn’t surprise me if this is some kind of aftershock from ‘thunder Tuesday’ – as it shall henceforth be known. As a result I have stayed in Bidarray one more day. I was a day ahead of schedule after ’18 mile Monday’ so if I leave first thing in the morning and get over that 1000m high mountain, which has been in the clouds most of the day, then I can still reach my goal!

There really isn’t much to report other than the staff being slightly bemused that I’m still here. When I’ve not been asleep I’ve been hanging around with the pub cats, they have come to respect me, as much as one can respect a strange limping golum like creature with glasses who keeps stroking you. I’ve learnt all their tricks for food scavenging which may come in handy if I have to stay here any longer. I had a dream that Aziz Ansari and I were best friends and we spent the whole day chasing and shouting at another version of myself who didn’t want to be friends with either of us.

That is all. Here’s some nice Biddarray pics (there’s worse places to be stuck).

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