My planning is nowhere near as organised as that picture makes out, in fact it’s just stock photography I chose in desperation. The website may finally be live and being shared with you – the great unwashed – but this in no way reflects how prepared I am. Gosh, judging by the amount of effort put into this blog so far I bet you just cannot wait for it to really get started! Ey!?

In the meantime it may be best to clear up a few things. I have been asked the following questions regularly whilst trying to brag about this adventure. Just incase you have the same questions as the others here are the answers:


Q: When do you start?

A: I fly over to Hendaye on the 25th August and I start walking on the 26th.


Q: Is the Pyrenees in South America?

A: No. I am not being that adventurous, the Pyrenees is the mountain range dividing France and Spain. To begin with I will mostly be on the GR10 route which is on the French side.


Q: Do you know what you’re doing Jeff?

A: If you mean ‘am I an experienced hiker’ then the answer is a solid – meh, kind of probably not really. So if you’re an experienced hiker and have any tips relating to the Pyrenees please email me on But I’m sure I’ll ok be anyway RIGHT? If you mean have I planned in detail what route I am doing, how far I will walk each day, where I will sleep etc… then the answer is a solid – NO, not yet.


Q: How far is this walk?

A: As mentioned above the finer details are still being worked out and maps are still being bought BUT the GR10 route is roughly 850km or 520miles long. Yeah I know, why am I doing this again?


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  1. Hi Jeff – sounds like a great adventure really looking forward to reading your blog – bonne chance as the french say :-)

  2. Even though I (and I am sure the rest of the snake pack) feel betrayed that it is your solo trip, I wish you all the best in your amazing adventure. Will be following your hike from here, from Riga, so keep on writing. Good luck Jeff

    Weird Al

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