The Route

One year on and its time for another walk and another unduly dramatic blog. This time I’ll be mostly alone as Paul isn’t coming, miss that guy already (just FYI he’s not dead). Anyway this years walk will once again be set in North Wales over eight days. However this time I will start near the tip of the Llyn Peninsula, walk along that gorgeous coast into Snowdonia and up Snowdon. Then head down through Betws-y-Coed up the Conwy estuary for a surfing day and across Conwy to my home in Abergele. That’s about 60 miles. Easy peasy right?


Day 0


We’ve Arrived

I’m drunk and I’m going to struggle to describe what’s happening here but let’s start a the beginning…

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Day 1


Nefyn to Criccieth

Look at that stupid illustration in the header. I did that and it’s supposed to represent 15 miles but it makes it look like a mile.

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Day 2


Criccieth to Portmeirion

Dad and I woke in our dark hotel room to the smell of man, curry and wet socks. Over breakfast we exchanged a look only a father son bond could provoke and I knew the time had come.

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Day 3


Portmeirion to Beddgelert

In the rain, no one can see you crying.

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Day 4


Beddgelert to Pen-y-Pass

There’s an old Welsh saying ‘if you spend the night on top of a mountain you’ll either come back a mad man, a poet or married’ something like that anyway. Well. I got married!

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Day 5


Snowdon to Betws-y-Coed

You may have noticed from my photographs, that the villages in the uplands of Wales are green and lush with life. Nearly all of them have big rivers running through them which you can hear from almost anywhere in the village.

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Day 6


Betws-y-Coed to Dolgarrog

I am so tired. So, so, so very tired. Not sure exactly how far I’ve walked. I think I’ve walked for 10 straight hours though. The sun is setting pretty spectacularly on the opposite side of conwy valley.

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Day 7


Erw Glas to Abergele

After a moonless night. Soothed by pattering waves of valley rain and the occasional sheep bleat. I woke to the green light of my chrysalis for the last time. At first this made me depressed. Then I looked at my feet.

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Day 8



I’m home and will post a thank you soon

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