It’s all over!


So this has been quite a journey hasn’t it guys? On journeys you’re supposed to learn something right? 
Well this is what I learnt:
Life is pain.
Only joking! It’s been wonderful. My feet do still hurt but I’m so glad I got to spend a week in the Welsh wilderness with all the lakes, forests, helpful happy farmers, bad Santa’s, mountains and twinkly eyed barmaids. I hope you’re glad I did too.
Before I set off on the walk I had lots of people ask me – “why!?”. Why do that to your feet? And why do it alone? There’s been all sorts of wild speculation – “is he trying to muscle his way into the famously lucrative Welsh blogging scene?” or “is he so lost he thinks he’ll find himself under a mossy Snowdonia rock somewhere!?”. Well the truth is of course all of the above. Although there are lots of other reasons and there is one that sticks in my mind right now. It’s the feeling I got eating plastic cheese looking over the tranquil waters of Llyn y parc. It was a moment of utter happiness, completely abased by how beautiful everything around me was but also how wonderful my time exploring the mountains had already been. That feeling alone, made it all worth it.*
Thanks to everybody who read, liked, commented, messaged and shared. It was great sharing with you and has been so lovely to see your responses. Also thanks to Heather for kindly messaging me my many spelling and grammar mistakes.
Here’s a few pics I didn’t have a chance to upload. 


*I added this paragraph a few days after my first attempt at this post. Mainly because my friends informed me that they thought the original post was “sh*t”, and they were “disappointed”, and “it seemed like you had left your personality in the mountains again Jeff”.

5 thoughts on “It’s all over!”

  1. Great read Jeff. Well done on your surviving and writing skills! I am still thinking about the bulls and hoping that I don’t meet them anytime soon.

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