What is this?

My name is Jeff. I sometimes go on long walks and blog about them. Sometimes I have my best friend Paul with me. However on August 25th 2017 I plan to start walking across the Pyrenees, all the way from the Atlantic coast to the Mediterranean coast and I will be doing it alone (not for all of it though, I'll miss Paul ya know!). This will be by far the longest and highest walk I've ever done.

How long will it take?

Three to four years! Not all at once though. Despite the best efforts of a moronic sociopathic hairdo mascarading as a human politician - I do still have a job. Which leaves me with a certain amount of holiday, so I will be breaking this adventure up over a number of years - but hopefully within four!

It's for a good cause

My mum has Multiple Sclerosis a condition which can significantly hinder things most of us take for granted such as walking, hearing, speaking, balance, memory and even just thinking. I'm extremely proud of my mum and especially proud of how she has coped over the years. Sufficed to say though there's been plenty of tough times for mum and dad. The MS Society in North Wales has given them a lot of support not least by providing an excellent friendship group. I choose to sponsor MS Society for my adventure because I've seen they can and do help. NO PRESSURE RIGHT!? Anyway if you do donate I'll give you a hug or something in return.



How it all began...

It’s been two years since my last over dramatic walking blog. Two years without once describing the state of my feet to the world or documenting what body parts rain has trickled down onto. It's been tough.

Picking my next walk has been a real struggle. I'd exhausted the lucrative Welsh walking whilst blogging scene. So I went out to Cotswold Outdoor and asked a guy in there “Ey mate what walks would you recommend?”. The tall weathered attendant puffed some air out through his fluffy beard, scratched his head and showed me a book about the Pyrenees. Eighteen bloody pounds it cost me! The life of the walking blogger is full of high octane thrilling anecdotes like this - and so I’d got the bug again!

Roughly a year later when I actually bothered to start reading it I began saying things like “I’m going to walk the Pyrenees”. Then things like “I’m going to do it alone”. Then the sentence “I’ll do it over four years in my holidays” just sort of slipped out of my mouth too.

Repeating these sentiments over and over to the same group of friends filled me with bravado and made me feel aloof with adventurous daring. I seemed to develop pecs, pecs of adventure! And I’d enjoy flexing them in the mirror. I very much believed my own hype.

However there have also been times (a lot of times) when I’d be forced to admit - Jeff you are full of shit. You’re probably not going to follow these boasts through. The only enjoyable aspect will be the comedy drawn from what was promised and the speed with which you abandon these plans. Although that thought has also had me chuckling alone in bed. So you see, I’m ok with it guys! Even if I fail. I still win! I still get some kind of glory. HAHAHA.

Anyway if you're interested in reading this why don't you:

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